Executive Director

Nicholas Warren

Masters in Mechanical Engineering, Nick is the co-founder of WindAid Institute, and has served as Executive Director since 2014

Abel Yupanqui

Co-Founder of WindAid SAC has served WindAid since 2009 in literally every aspect. If you are up for a soccer game against the locals, he'll make it happen!
Shop Manager

Geancarlo Bohuytron

Serving WindAid since 2009, Geancarlo helps with everything! Also one of our best social directors, and knows the club seen in Trujillo!

Rosa Bohuitron Ulloa

WindAid's Chef and "House Mom" for any volunteer that needs one!
Community Coordinator

Gabriel "Gandhi" Alva

Village explorer and coordinator - Ghandi travels far and wide looking for the ideal installation locations in Peru - And also serves as a great social director!

Helga Bohuytron

CPA for WindAid and manages supply chain and human resources